New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Jan 06

bitter day

Published at 06:18
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After waking at 0600 from the alarm, as I do every morning, I light the stove, reposition the solar panel, check the weather and give the lads a hoy. By 0830 we are clipped into our harnesses and begin the first session.

Only today was a bit different - -26c, not a cloud in the sky and a bone-chilling wind that blew from a few degrees right of our destination. A headwind that had us covered so that not a square millimetre of skin was exposed lest it be stung as by a wasp.

Underneath my shell pants I was slightly underdressed with two sets of thermal pants. Not easy to remedy unless you are keen on standing in the wind and removing harness, over clothing and boots. Grimace and bear it I did. On top I was fine with thermal, fleece and shell jacket with ruff, buff, face mask, goggles and hat and three layers of mittens. When the seal is complete I feel like a spaceman.

By days end we'd covered another 22km and find ourselves 66km from the pole. We will do two more 22km days then a shorter day that will take us to a designated waypoint where we'll camp, followed by 9km on the 9th so as to get back on Chile time and arrive at the South Pole Station (NZ time) and South Pole camp (Chile time) at a reasonable hour.

Moroccan Lamb tonight was spectacular!


Panorama of our well-trod campsite before departure this morning and the rabble three at days end.

  • Name: Camp 30
  • Elevation: 2864 m
  • Latitude: 89° 2438South
  • Longitude: 126° 78West


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    2017-01-07 04:26:43 jojo says: i don,t know how you do it but you do....and what gets me is you enjoy it!! brrrrrr....sending love and warmth your way and enjoy watching you from the warmth of thailand!! XXX
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    2017-01-06 20:53:58 Ciara Doyle says: Can't believe its a month tomorrow since we saw you off!!! So delighted for you all that you are almost there. Enjoy your last few days of beautiful'll be back to normality all too quickly.
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    2017-01-06 13:18:16 albert martens says: Wow you are almost there. How long will you stay at the SP Station? It is about your temperature here where I live as well. You are doing great.

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