New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Jan 05

food glorious food

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There's nothing quite like it.

In the morning we have my breakfast bomb - honey-sweetened quick-cook oats with powdered milk, pecan meal, desiccated coconut, protein powder and butter, followed by chocolate drink, coffee or mocha.

At breaks we select from nuts and fruit, Carmens' energy bars, wheat crackers, 100g of Lindt chocolate, salami, cheese and ramen noodles with flavouring and butter.

Evening meal is a cup of soup, usually Asian-style, freeze-dried dinner (tonight we have creamy carbonara), Pringles and chocolate drink or tea.

There around 6000 calories in our daily ration, enough for a 30-40 day South Pole expedition. To date we haven't been craving for more food, the altitude commonly suppresses appetite.

We use around 150ml of fuel per person per day to melt all of the snow for our water requirements and to cook our food. Our MSR XGK Expedition stove is one of our most important, and thankfully reliable, pieces of equipment.

Bon appetite!


Pic of Rob and Keith under a magnificent sky.

  • Name: Camp 29
  • Elevation: 2861 m
  • Latitude: 89° 1248South
  • Longitude: 126° 4224West


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    2017-01-05 05:55:29 John Kolm says: Eric, have you considered the nutritional value of raw penguin eyeballs? Just sayin.
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    2017-01-05 05:46:45 says: Hi Eric, nice to read that your yourney goes well. Sound good - your breakfest! Show melts faster here (37°C). Be kind to the stove and enjoy the beautiful skies. Good continuation xxx

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