New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dec 21

Wild winds and funky faces

Published at 05:57
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The wild wind from the southeast persisted all night and day making for challenging travel. We skied the first hour to exit the crevasse field and then Keith tried riding but was constantly stymied by soft skis, sastrugi, the wind and a big hill. He resorted to pushing much of the way.

For Rob it was a watershed day. He put into practice the various tips on skiing he'd been given over the last two weeks and spent the entire day honing his technique, the result being a faster, happier and more stylish skier.

We had only two breaks today, it being too cold and windy to stop more often. By days end we'd covered another 20km, dressed in full head gear. But we lost around .5km due to erring too much to the east. Tomorrow better.

Seems like a full blizz brewing outside! Dammit.


Pic of Rob and Keith having a chinwag and our polar makeup at days end. From left, Keith, Rob and I.

  • Name: Camp 14
  • Elevation: 2269 m
  • Latitude: 86° 4247South
  • Longitude: 126° 4447West


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