New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dec 20

Reedy cracked

Published at 06:04
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Despite camping in a crevasse field we consider ourselves on the edge of the polar plateau with the Reedy Glacier behind us. It's a pretty wonderful feeling to have done something no one has done before, taking the path never travelled. It's my second new route to the pole and will be my fourth different route to the pole, assuming we get there. For Rob and Keith it's a magnificent achievement for their first South Pole expedition. Not only are they explorers but also wonderful companions.

With the mountains receding behind us we climbed slowly and steadily due south for the first time, our tally travelled equal to that subtracted from our remaining distance.

After lunch a bitter wind swept in from the SE and, together with the drift snow it carries, batters the tent as I write. We fell short of our 20km, I stopped us early not wanting to commit to a spur up ahead that's likely icy on top, as was the last. We need snow for securing the tent and melting for water.

Keith skied the last hour due to crevasse concerns.

18.3km today. Total 229 with 386km to go. -18c.


  • Name: Camp 13
  • Elevation: 2075 m
  • Latitude: 86° 3224South
  • Longitude: 127° 4116West


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