New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dec 18


Published at 06:00
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I'll scream it again. Aaaaargh! I pegged this trip as one that would be, other than ourselves and our comms, completely void of human evidence - tracks, planes, flight trails, satellites, waste, anything to indicate other human existence. But no. We passed two empty and weathered fuel drums, a legacy likely from the aerial survey work of the 1960's. I am so bummed. Seems I may need to wait until next year for a pristine trip to the South Pole!

Mixed bag today - wind, cloud, sun, still, ice, snow, crevasses, sastrugi, warm, cold, fast, slow. We're now camped at the southern margin of the mountains. In the photo, the bluff behind the tent can be seen on the aerial photo, to the right of our current Camp 11. After that we do a little dogleg then head due south.

The next couple of days herald what I see as the crux of the glacier.

Damn drums.


  • Name: Camp 11
  • Elevation: 1650 m
  • Latitude: 86° 127South
  • Longitude: 128° 325West


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    2016-12-19 03:40:27 John Kolm says: Mate you have been bum drummed.
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    2016-12-18 09:32:35 Dixie Dansercoer says: Ha! I know what you felt.... in 1997 Alain and I - on our ascent to the high plateau via the Gunnestadbreen in Queen Maud Land - happened upon just as many BP fuel drums and a bunch of other rubbish from the Belgian recconnoisance flights. Made us accept the illusion of being 'alone' out there :) Dixie

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