New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dec 17


Published at 05:28
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The wind died overnight and we awoke to a pearler day. Dressed lightly we skied and cycled on a perfect surface, gliding past one mountain after another. The highest in the surrounding ranges is Faure Peak at 3947m, a snowy behemoth of alpine proportions. But glaciers rule here, they give birth to the mountains, they sculpt them, they grind them then turn them to rubble.

We've covered half the climb to the South Pole. Over the next 3 days we climb another 500m then the last 800m+ over the last 350km. We've come 171km (20 today) and have 441 to go as the snow petrel flies.

Up ahead (27km) we have a crevasse field spanning the width of the glacier. Radar imaging showed it to be relatively benign straight through the middle but I will be relieved once we are through it.

Lunch was a laugh fest in the warm sun but the afternoon was a little taste of the plateau, a biting wind in the face had us dressed warmly with full head gear. A nice teaser.


Pics are of the three of us (from left, Rob, Keith, me) adorned in some facial bling, and a rest break.

  • Name: Camp 10
  • Elevation: 1441 m
  • Latitude: 86° 248South
  • Longitude: 130° 1132West


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    2016-12-17 09:44:28 says: GREAT TRIP!!!!! I am following Evelry day. How is Rob's foot? Seems to be Better. He is incredible! He Must be made out of Steel! "IRON ROB"! Enjoy it!!!! Keep Safe
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    2016-12-17 05:46:45 says: We went intocht the Hills today with Isabel & Terry to get a carton of cherries big black ones. They taste l ike real cherries, yammie. Had lunch at the local pub. Sunny weather we wish you a trip like you want for yourself

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