New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dec 16

joining dots

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A hot tent got us out and moving by 8.30 and we did the first 10km lightly dressed, Keith in his board shorts and Baffin Boots.

Skis are preferable to crampons so Rob and I ski on patches of snow in the shallow glacial valleys that run longitudinal to the glacier. These valleys are the first to accumulate snow during wind events and we try and join the dots by skiing from patch to patch.

We are almost at the narrowest part of the Reedy glacier, 10km. Since passing Kansas Glacier we have also passed the Colorado and Hueneme glaciers with the Norfolk, Gardiner, Wotkyns, McCarthy and Olentangy glaciers yet to come. It could be the Reedy Glacier, our Glacier, is the most southern in the world.

Our friend the wind is back.

20km again today.


Panorama photo of the mountains flanking the Reedy which can be seen continuing south behind Rob and Keith.

  • Name: Camp 9
  • Elevation: 1195 m
  • Latitude: 85° 5354South
  • Longitude: 131° 4048West


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    2016-12-16 14:37:59 Keith Sauls says: Excellent progress. Keep up the good work. Seemed to be many stranded expeditions in PUnta A when we left including a Brazilian Gov't contingent. Too windy to land apparently even up on peninsula.
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    2016-12-16 13:42:26 Jose Naranjo says: Amazing pic Eric. You are doing very good progress. Congratulations. Have a nice and no-wind weekend ;)

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