Kite Ski Spitsbergen

Mar 28

final night

Published at 17:59
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It was a warm night and for the first time we slept without socks or a hot water bottle! We skied most of the day in poor visibility, often with a stiff wind from behind or flurries of snow or both. It was quite a surreal monotone landscape and we stopped often to take photos and remark on the reindeer, the valley walls or the beautiful snowflakes that fell on our mittens.

Lunch was gloomy and wet but warm and cosy.

We're now camped around 5km from the end of the road that leads up Adventdalen, the long valley east of Longyearbyen. Large snowy mountains lie behind us, their snowy ridges beckoning us. If only we had another day.

Tomorrow we return to the spoils of town. We could have done a few extra k's to make it into town today but we both wanted a final night in the tent together. This has been a wonderful experience for us both, Mardi is such a perfect travelling companion, and this final night has come around all too soon.

  • Name: Camp 8
  • Elevation: 61 m
  • Latitude: 78° 1128North
  • Longitude: 16° 1921East


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    2016-03-29 00:18:22 jojo says: tugs my heart because i can imagine the ambience and love in the mix!! well done both of you and in what precious memories you have invested!! priceless!! dad and i started our nam holiday on sunday and shall post pics as we go....he,s as happy as a shitting pig!! love to you both and enjoy your welcoming back tipple!! mmwaahhhhhh from proud sis XXX

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