Kite Ski Spitsbergen

Mar 26


Published at 22:14
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We skied a few km to the end of Nolsdalen and out to the junction of Sassenfjorden and Tempelfjorden. The day was still with scattered cloud, almost warm compared with the -30 temps up top. My plan was to commandeer a small hut at Fredheim on the Tempelfjorden coast to dry out our sleeping bags and give us a warm night by a wood stove but it being Easter the vice-Governor of Svalbard was due to arrive by snowmobile for the night and the local rangers graciously offered us beds in their loft. If anyone knows the history of Fredheim the'd know we are sleeping on hallowed turf, the very house that one of Svalbard's most famous hunters spent 36 winters up until the 80's.

Quite the contrast to our last 5 nights as we dined on reindeer meat with wine and home-made brownies. Thanks to our gracious Norwegian hosts.

Tomorrow we begin the 50km ski back to Longyearbyen. Strong wind forecast.



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