Kite Ski Spitsbergen

Mar 25

good day!

Published at 20:44
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Hello! It's Mardi this time :)
We had a wonderful day today, the best day so far!
We lowered our sleds down quite a steep slope to get down into Noisdalen valley and then headed towards the bottom of Sasendalen (which is at sea level).

Noisdalen is quite a narrow valley, littered with animal tracks. After a couple of hours we found ourselves surrounded by high rocky cliffs. As we looked closer we could see birds flying around cliff tops, and closer still there were hundreds of them nesting in the rock faces. We think they were likely Arctic Terns.

After hauling the sleds over some large mounds of snow that had collected on the valley floor (likely from small avalanches), it began to widen out again and we set up the tent. We think we can see Sasendalen from here!
  • Name: Day 5
  • Elevation: 2 m
  • Latitude: 78° 2046North
  • Longitude: 16° 5815East


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    2016-03-25 20:51:59 Keith Tuffley says: Nice post Mardi - looking forward to meeting you on Monday!

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