Kite Ski Spitsbergen

Mar 24

Cold glorious cold

Published at 20:33
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I downloaded a weather report via my Iridium modem to find that -31c had been predicted overnight. It felt every bit that and we both woke with chilly toes. Tonight will be even colder.

Our route today took us uphill to the west side of the upper Rabotbreen and into a large snow plain called Fimbulisen. Lunch at the top was particularly cold as the perspiration generated by the long uphill in sticky snow was difficult to manage and cooled us quickly as we scoffed our hot noodles.

We're now perched on the edge of a descent into a long narrow gully that runs adjacent to Templefjorden's west side, reputed to be very beautiful as it descends to Sassendalen.

Mardi did brilliantly again today, like an old hand. I'm so glad we are are here together.

  • Name: Camp 4
  • Elevation: 574 m
  • Latitude: 78° 222North
  • Longitude: 17° 3460East


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    2016-03-24 23:44:40 jojo says: warm hearts cold toes...if it was easy more people would be doing has to mentally fit as well as physical..i would have folded getting off the plane!! well done both of you!! XXX
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    2016-03-24 22:18:50 Heath says: Its so great to read these posts. You've been talking about sharing such a beautiful world with Mardi for so long, it's awesome you're both doing it and enjoying it! Have fun
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    2016-03-24 21:41:02 Ingrid says: I meaned work hard
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    2016-03-24 21:36:34 Ingrid says: Great Mardi!!! You are lucky to be with your dad, great Explorer. But also its true, in the arctic everybody works by themself, so I'm sure you also work hart. Just do it like the Inuit,acept the cold and it seams it goes a little bit easier
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    2016-03-24 21:13:11 Keith Tuffley says: Ok that answers my question about how cold it gets at night ...

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