Kite Ski Spitsbergen

Mar 23

Finding mojo

Published at 21:34
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The night was colder but Mardi slept warmer and longer. A coating of rime covered the inside of the tent, sticking to every unsuspecting hat or shoulder or elbow that touched it. Having camped next to a knoll it took some time for the sun to bathe us, not that it makes a lot of difference this time of year.

A strong breeze overnight improved the surface a bit and our sleds behaved a lot better, gliding rather than dragging. Dressed warmly we headed north, meandering up and around some nunataks, each bend exposing another vista of peaks, glaciers and valleys.

Mardi was in fine form today. She's found her stride, improved her layering, ate more food and took matters into her own hands. Massive contrast to yesterday's polar inauguration. But I expected that, she's smart, a fast learner, stoic and loves new experiences. Our camp and bear wire was up in a flash, like we've been at it for weeks. We are high on the Rabot glacier, tomorrow we continue west heading to a spectacular and narrow gully that runs for 10km just east of Tempelfjorden.

The photos are taken by Mardi on her phone.

OMG, just ate one of her homemade dehydrated dinners. Best tent meal I've ever had.

OK, enough gushing for one night. It's even making me nauseous.

  • Name: Camp 3
  • Elevation: 545 m
  • Latitude: 78° 2126North
  • Longitude: 18° 153East


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