Kite Ski Spitsbergen

Mar 21

Day 1 on Spitsbergen.

Published at 19:37
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What a great start to this trip. My daughter Mardi and I have been in Longyearbyen, Svalbard for 2 days, madly packing but also struggling with jet lag after a 22 hour flight and almost half a day time zone change.

HOW COOL IS IT TO BE HERE WITH HER! Something I've dreamed of for years.

Hired two snowmobiles, loaded a trailer sledge with our sleds and with my friend and local guide Audun Tholfsen we headed to the east coast. Fortune favours the uninitiated and on our arrival we spotted a polar bear loping along to the north. It saw us just as quickly but wandered on its merry way, unperturbed though smelling the air to get a whiff of us. Staying well clear of it we repositioned a couple of times to get a better view until it retired on the coastal ice for a siesta.

After visiting a coastal hut and picking up a Finnish guy needing to return to town we drove west to the top of Rabot glacier where we bid farewell to the guys and set up camp. Tomorrow we ski north, or if we get lucky with the wind, kite.

  • Name: Day 1
  • Elevation: 554 m
  • Latitude: 78° 1660North
  • Longitude: 18° 2235East


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    2016-03-22 00:06:56 jojo says: good to follow you from a warm climate!! hope the wind pops up and not just in your pants!! XXX
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    2016-03-21 21:43:19 Ed says: Wow that's fantastic what a superb day! Have a great trip and see you shortly. 10 days and counting!!
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    2016-03-21 21:05:51 Rob says: Brilliant Eric, I dream of doing this with my daughter!! I cannot wait to be there in 10 days!!! Be safe and as always be brilliant!!
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    2016-03-21 20:48:56 Clark Carter says: That's not your average family holiday! What a great trip and glad you're able to finally share "what dad does" with Mardi. Reminds me of a joke: What has four legs and a flipper? A happy polar bear! Enjoy the trip. Clark.

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