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Apr 22

poised for the pole

Published at 20:13
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Windy again overnight but who's to complain when it pushes us north. One of the many things that makes the north geographic pole interesting is that when standing there, as we will tomorrow, directions are reduced to one only - south.

The sun taunted us all day, shining enough to help with navigation but shrouded behind a cold and hazy mist.

Often the light transforms the iceescape into magical scenes and during the second session I turned to Jade and asked if she'd seen The Martian movie. She said yes and knew immediately that I was talking about the view ahead, commenting 'it looks like a cold Mars'. My thoughts exactly.

We are poised for the pole with just 11.8km to go. There's something very special about being the most northerly people on the planet.

Pic of skiing in flat light and a group photo at camp today. From left, Petter, Jade, Paul, me and my insanely big mullet ruff. BTW, they're not just for looks, they disrupt wind and create a micro-climate of warmth around the face.



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    2016-04-22 22:44:53 Peter Hameister(Papa Boz) says: Well done Eric, success is just around the corner. Keep them all focused for the remaining distance. Great photos. You have learnt a lot about both Jade & Paul's character. Giving up because of difficulty is not in their vocabulary. I look forward to meeting you one day on return. Peter Hameister

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