South Pole Emperor Odyssey 2015

Nov 29

rest day

Published at 17:39
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We got back to the Guesthouse at 9pm last night ending our marathon effort to the South Pole. Our celebratory dinner topped off the experience. Today we are resting, it always takes some time to recover from the journey, particularly as we have clients in their 60's and 70's, though all as fit as a quiver of fiddles.

Thanks to Victor Serov, former manager of The Antarctic Company, for pointing out that we did indeed fly from Cape Town in an Ilyushin 76 and not an Antonov 74. It's the AN74 that we fly in from Svalbard to Barneo Ice Camp near the North Pole, a flight I've done 12 times, so I was clearly in Arctic mode when writing that post. I've switched now! I've flown south eight times in the IL76. Either way both are beautiful Russian aircraft perfectly designed for polar work. The Ilyushin is a distinctive hulking beast with it's beautiful arcing wings, the Antonov has its two characteristic jet engines positioned high on the wings. While I'm at it, I've flown in many other aircraft in the polar regions including Baslers, Twin Otters, an Airbus 319, Hercules, Starlifter, a Casa, Dornier, Cessna and Dash 7 and a range of helicopters, their pilots as equally impressive as their flying machines.

Here are some of the aircraft from my photo collection. Thanks for the topic Victor, see you in Svalbard in April.



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    2015-12-02 10:08:36 Jose Naranjo says: Beautiful planes! I love Basler silhouette.
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    2015-11-30 00:26:31 jumping jojo says: once again a plane not the same flies over the terrain...great pics and air crafty blog....see you in the next one and stay plane sane XXX

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