South Pole Emperor Odyssey 2015

Nov 28

south pole achieved

Published at 15:23
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We are back at 83 south arriving at 4am after our South Pole visit. It was thanksgiving in the US so being an American station they denied us entry and the usual station tour. Not sure Australia or China would do the same! So we spent our time at the ceremonial pole with its silver ball on a barbers pole, and the actual pole, marked by a steel post and a sign. Zhao the Chinese guide took the opportunity to bare all (almost) to the biting wind. The weather was difficult, around -20c, overcast and windy.

Six hours sleep at camp and we feel almost human again.

Today we return to the guesthouse for a Russian banya (sauna) celebratory dinner. Hic!

Pics of Zhao at South Pole and the team inside the tent.


  • Name: 83degrees
  • Elevation: 3100 m
  • Latitude: 83° 240South
  • Longitude: 20° 330East


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