South Pole Emperor Odyssey 2015

Nov 25

final test

Published at 18:05
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This is the final test of comms. The reason why there are so many is because there are many elements to my comms system and each must be tested to work flawlessly for the entire system to function as it should. In a nutshell, my iPhone pairs with an Iridium GO satellite modem which, through an app, allows me to send emails with attached images to The images need to be just the right size to be sharp but not take too much time to upload (5 to 10 minutes). A code within the body of the email also updates a Google map with my position. Expenews feed the updates to Facebook which in turn feed to Twitter, though Facebook have recently removed it's Post-by-Email functionality so this may not work. An Expenews widget allows my posts to feed to

I also use a Yellowbrick satellite tracker which, through similar phone pairing, has email functionality and a more direct Facebook feed and will automatically update a Google Earth map at, useful for real time positions and SAR. All of these devices need charging, courtesy of the sun via a Power Gorilla solar panel and 12v battery. Just needs a banana now and then!

I also carry a satellite phone and an EPIRB.

A large nutshell! Not surprised if you switched off after '...many elements to my comms system...'

Pic of afternoon cloud rolling over Table Mountain.

Next post from Antarctica.



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    2015-11-25 21:43:31 Warren N says: Impressive comms set up. Always keep a banana handy.

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