Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 15

Chance encounter

Published at 19:37
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A strong wind buffeted our tents all night but pushed us north 5km. Can't complain about the restless night if it takes us to our destination. Restless because strong wind has the greatest effect on the ice, cracking it, separating it, pressurising it, and I want to be able to hear it if it cracks under our tents.
After lunch we met with a dog sled team who flew out with us on the 9th but we're dropped at 88.40, about 35km ahead of us. They'd been stymied for a couple of days in a bad area of pressure and open water which we managed to pass easily with our lighter and more manoeuvrable system, and now camp a couple of k's ahead of them. The chance meeting burst our bubble a little but also fun to bump into people in such a remote place. Eric.
  • Name: Camp
  • Elevation: 1 m
  • Latitude: 89° 849North
  • Longitude: 46° 5853East


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