Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 13


Published at 19:05
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Sun beckoned us from the tent and stayed with us for much of the day. The surface was heavy but working in stints up front we smashed out just over 20km in 8 hours of hauling. But now we are smashed, aching, tired but high in morale, banter between the tents.

We are camped on an old lead with a small crack nearby to absorb any possible ice pressure overnight which is unlikely as there is no wind (aside from in Heath and Seamus' tent!).

Picture of the team negotiating some gnarly terrain. Heath out front, Seamus second and Nacer in green.

Beef Teriyaki tonight. And Vodka. But won't be getting...smashed!



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    2015-04-15 12:02:31 Aga says: through Eric of course;-))
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    2015-04-15 12:02:07 Aga says: Hahaha I missed Heath's winds at home...Not!:-) Hope you enjoy the "freez"babe! Love & and some extra warm hugs to you x
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    2015-04-14 07:57:46 Dags says: Heath, Seamus thanks for the wine. I will save some for your return......then again I may drink it unless you get a move on !! Dags
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    2015-04-14 03:09:09 Joan says: Great photo Eric.
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    2015-04-13 23:44:45 Jeremy says: great pics Eric,really enjoying the updates.
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    2015-04-13 20:35:23 Adam says: 20 km in a day?? no wonder you're all smashed! May your tents be warm and the ice flow north, happy hauling!!
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    2015-04-13 19:23:37 Charlene D says: Loving the updates! Hilarious!

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