Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 11


Published at 19:09
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The day dawned bright and cheery with a light northerly breeze in our faces. Up at 7, out at 9, in the harness at 9.45. First we hauled west by the bank of the lead until it was narrow enough to swim in my dry suit, an exhausting exercise given I had to break through a lot of thin ice. Once on the opposite bank I could ferry the team across using two of my Icetrek amphibious sleds secured side by side. See photo.

Shortly after the visibility went to crap and the northerly picked up in strength making for cold progress, hampered the more by constant pressure ridges, soft snow and southerly drift. After 2.5 days we are not very far from where the chopper dropped us. Waiting on a change in fortune.
Thai Chicken Curry for dinner, with a splash of vodka. Mmmmm! Eric
  • Name: Camp
  • Elevation: 1 m
  • Latitude: 88° 2413North
  • Longitude: 40° 2128East


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