Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 10

testing day

Published at 19:02
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Today was the most difficult first full day of a North Pole trip that I've had. Poor visibility, wind in the face, pressure and a big open lead that stymied our northern advance. Much of our travel was to the west, crossing many subsidiary cracks throughout the day, often using our sleds as rafts, bridges and buoyancy aids. The photo is of us using two sleds rafted together to cross some thin ice.

I'm feeling the pinch having had surgery on my right knee two months ago and not being able to reach my usual fitness. I'm fast enough but have lost a lot of power and agility. But I can't really complain having two wounded soldiers on the team, both of whom skied to the South Pole in 2013. Nacer has climbed Everest but this is his first foray onto polar ice and he's doing a great job. Eric
  • Name: Camp
  • Elevation: 1 m
  • Latitude: 88° 2210North
  • Longitude: 42° 1934East


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    2015-04-11 13:43:43 Aga says: You don't worry Charlene,the swimming part leave to Heath. He has been craving for that "bath" before he left:-) saying how warm the water must be...hmmm.. Good to see you guys doing well even though weather is not perfect... I'm not sure Eric if you reading all our comments here but please send warm hugs and love to Heath!Look forward more "action photos"! Keep fingers crossed for the good weather.
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    2015-04-11 09:53:12 Charlene D says: Eric!! Please tell Seamus no more random swims in the water - I know he's an "Action Magnet" but there's a time and a place and his wife can't handle it! Hope you're all doing good and we're all thinking of you. Sending lots of love and positive vibes - Keep be amazing!! x
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    2015-04-11 00:02:02 Lyndy says: Sure hope yoour next days will be easier and fun. Thinking of the four of you. Lyndy
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    2015-04-10 21:43:32 Clark Carter says: Keep at it fellas. First couple of days are always a culture shock. If there wasn't any leads, you'd have no cool photos to impress the ladies with back home. Sending warm thoughts and Australian sunshine your way.
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    2015-04-10 19:41:55 Ivan says: Hey Eric, Don't know if you remember me but I did the same trip in 2011 with Victor Somonov. Good luck and enjoy your time on the ice. Say hello to Victor and Mirek from me if they're there. I really miss the ice. Have fun, Ivan
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    2015-04-10 19:32:12 Christina, your mate from room says: Go guys! I am sending all support and warm feelings. Although you don't need it. Tremendous! Heia heia (this is cheer leading in Norwegian)!

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