Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 09

First day

Published at 19:33
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We finally flew at 10am arriving at Barneo Ice Camp and -20c at 12.30pm with a faultless landing. We collected stove fuel, briefed the camp manager Victor Serov and flew by Mi-8 helicopter to 88.20 north. Due to our delay we decided to shorten the trip by 20" / 35km, lest we fall short of the pole.

We skied for an hour covering 2km, the ice was mostly flat, a little pressurised here and there but with a layer of harsh snow that grated on the hulls of our sleds. We crossed a narrow lead using my sled as a bridge, as seen in the photo of Nacer delicately poised in mid span. Shortly after we camped under clear skies and almost no wind. We couldn't have hoped for a better start. Eric
  • Name: Camp
  • Elevation: 1 m
  • Latitude: 88° 213North
  • Longitude: 44° 5614East


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    2015-04-10 11:38:57 Pete McCormick says: Great to see Seamus and Heath adding the North Pole to their collection. Have a great time !
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    2015-04-10 09:32:00 Dags says: Bum I'm really jealous now !! Good luck fella's sounds like a great start. Dags
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    2015-04-10 00:09:56 dom west says: Happy trails fellas! Wish I was with you.
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    2015-04-09 23:47:55 Lyndy and Heinz says: Wonderful that you are finally on your way. Hope your weather continues to be good. We are thinking of you.
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    2015-04-09 22:00:37 Billand Molly. says: Travel safe.
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    2015-04-09 20:59:11 Tim says: Great news!
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    2015-04-09 20:41:08 Coxies4 says: Safe travels x updates are terrific.

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