Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 06

Skiing by the fiord

Published at 19:24
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We're at the Barentz Bar, sated on pizza, beer and wine (and Coke for Nacer) after an afternoon of skiing by the fiord. We found a great location that mimics what we will find on the Arctic Ocean - ice floes set in a jigsaw pattern, their ends almost touching with span just enough to cross on skis. OK, so they were grounded on the fiord bed but once on the ocean we will have 4km of water beneath us.

Any sojourn out of Longyearbyen has a risk of polar bear, slim but there, so we are armed
with rifle (and two snipers!). On occasions a bear has wandered into town and some years ago a girl was taken on the very hill we climbed yesterday.

Our flight out is now scheduled on the 8th, we are as ready as can be and feel as though we'll be launching from the blocks. Eric


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    2015-04-08 04:51:14 Fred says: Good luck with the trip, catch you next time (I came back too late!!)
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    2015-04-07 10:24:58 Leina says: Je ne sais vraiment pas comment tu peux y prendre du plaisir mais je vois bien que c le cas. Alors bonne chance et j'espère que le voyage ne sera pas plus dur que les exercices d'entraînements ;) garde un selou dans la poche pour les ours ! Lol
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    2015-04-07 08:55:20 Dags says: Two snipers ! My money's with the polar bear. Good luck guys, sort of jealous....Eric don;t forget your Glade
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    2015-04-06 23:26:48 Rhys says: Great stuff gents. The photographs are fantastic to see. Hope you zeroed the rifle and weren't just planning to poke the bear in the eye. Good luck and have fun.
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    2015-04-06 22:58:47 Adam says: you lucky lucky people. Enjoy

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