Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 05


Published at 17:28
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Despite having sleds packed and ready for action, yesterday we received the news that there has been a delay in our flight north due to an aircraft issue. The delay may be some days so we now need to find ways to bide our time in Svalbard until the problem is resolved.

Today we climbed a nearby mountain in very strong wind, a good test of clothing and boots. Much of the climb was on slippery verglas and a real test of balance and nerve given we had no crampons. Seamus plugged away despite the catastrophic injury he sustained to his upper leg while on tour in Afghanistan in 2010.

The view from the top was spectacular, overlooking Longyearbyen and its adjacent fiord, valleys and mountains.

Tomorrow we need to find accommodation again as our current abode is booked out, as is the rest of town. We may find ourselves in tents by the shore, not an altogether outlandish idea as it will help to acclimatise the team to the cold camps on the Arctic Ocean.



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    2015-04-06 00:27:43 Aga says: Nice photos of you babe...I love your posing! :-) I hope you guys can leave soon...Warm Hugs Love you!!x
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    2015-04-05 18:49:06 Fouzia Nacer's mum says: Bon courage et bonne chance!

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