Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 03

comms test

Published at 07:44
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I'm sitting in a freezing car outside our guesthouse where we can get a clear satellite signal. Nacer and I are doing a final rundown of our Iridium and Yellowbrick comms.

To send my blogs from the Arctic Ocean I first wirelessly send a photo from my camera to my iPhone, pair the iPhone to my Iridium GO modem, rack up an email with photo attachment and coordinates code, fire up the GO then send the email. It goes to the Expenews website which automatically forwards it to Facebook, (which forwards to Twitter) and allows the post to be directed to using an Expenews widget. The coordinates code updates the Google map at Expenews while the automatic signals from the Yellowbrick update the
Google map on my blog. While all of this happens I'm likely boiling water, cooking dinner or regaling Nacer with my awesome dad jokes!

Thanks G-Layer for providing all the hardware.

We are delayed by a day due to bad weather at Barneo and will likely fly out tomorrow.



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    2015-04-03 17:33:20 Lyndy and Heinz says: Have fun and a great adventure. We are colder skiing here in Vermont now then we were with you at the North pole in 2008. Best wishes
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    2015-04-03 16:50:36 Lyndy and Heinz says: Have fun and a great adventure. Wish we were with you. It has been colder in Vermont skiing than we were at the Pole in 2008 with you. Best Wishes
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    2015-04-03 13:07:25 Leina says: You seem TO be à Very smart team. Enjoy And good luck!

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