Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Apr 02

Ski training

Published at 21:38
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The day was vastly improved with arcs of sunlight washing the surrounding mountains, the first we've seen of them. We finished sled packing so went for a ski up a gully near town, which made for good practice as the surface conditions changed from hard ice to snowy slope to bumpy track, mimicking in a small way what we'll experience on the Arctic Ocean. It was a good test for my right knee which was operated on less than six weeks ago to remove some ragged meniscus. It seemed to hold up ok but ask me after 8 hours of clambering over pressure ridges!

Tonight we formed a sewing circle and lengthened ski pole straps (Heath and Seamus are giants) and added a fur ruff to the hood of Nacer's shell jacket.

We hope to fly tomorrow arvo but there have been some delays, one of them being inclement weather at Barneo Ice Camp where the temporary runway is constructed.

23.30. Yawn! Night night.



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    2015-04-03 04:30:06 Greer & David says: Good luck to you all !!!

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