Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

Mar 31

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We have been in Longyearbyen, the main town on Spitsbergen which is the largest island of the Svalbard group, for a couple of days, waiting for delayed sleds and luggage. Everything arrived today and we are good to go with sorting all our food tomorrow. We'll get that done in a day leaving us April 2 to do some ski training and sled packing before flying to Barneo ice camp on the afternoon of the 3rd. We'll likely stay there the night before flying south to 88N and beginning our 3 week trek to the North Pole.

The weather here has been pretty ordinary, blowing snow, poor visibility, cold, just the type of thing we need to get used to on the Arctic Ocean.

Nacer from Morocco fits nicely into the team of Aussies and doesn't seem too bothered by our bawdy talk and ridiculous humour. No doubt he'll want to kill us by the end! Thankfully he's a short arse like me, we feel like midgets flanked by the giants Heath and Seamus.

The photo was taken down by the fiord on which Longyearbyen is nestled. Our smiles are actually grimaces as we brace against the cold wind. Eric


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    2015-03-31 23:29:08 Joan says: Safe travels Eric, from Joan (Ingrid & Sonja's mum) in Hobart.
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    2015-03-31 19:45:40 George says: Jeez Eric you look younger than your Team!! Good luck... George
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    2015-03-31 19:01:11 Dick says: Sounds awsome. I've always wanted to go Svalbard. I really like the name!
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    2015-03-31 17:40:38 Tom Smit says: Have a great journey guys!

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