GGS Antarctica 2009

Dec 28

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First and foremost all of the team here wish everyone a merry Christmas and
hope that you will all have a good time wherever you may be.

Christmas for us starts in just a few short hours, which in many ways is a great time to have it. The reward that has been earned by two boats that have weaved their way in a not-so-straight line from Antarctica, across the Drake passage, snapping ropes, accidentally detonating rescue grenades, fixing engines, sighting actual logs 300nm from the closest tree, dodging icebergs, seeing the majestic Wandering Albertross and humming a tune while you don't have anything else to do and then being quickly reminded that to sing at sea will bring upon the storms (which we have been outrunning).

Here on the Spirit of Sydney we are in full swing attempting to cook a roast and believe it or not, procure an actual Christmas cake from the depths of the rotating oven. Never before have I felt that this time o year has marked the end of something so significant and the beginning of something entirely different. But it is not over just yet, we are spending Christmas
celebrating the trip together in Chilean waters (tucked in around Cape Horn) and then we move out tomorrow afternoon setting off for a 100nm trip to Ushuaia, a flight to Buenos Aires (and stay the night there), a very quick tour around and finally we set of for Sydney.

So yes it is drawing to a close and as much as myself and the other members of the Team do miss things about home, none of us feel that the journey ends here. While the trip is nearly over and done, I do not believe that this will be the end of the experience for anyone. I do hate to sound poetic, but this is just the beginning.

Once again, we wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Years and hope that all is well.

Nat and the Team.


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