GGS Antarctica 2009

Dec 20

Dispatch #15

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hello everyone
today was nothing less of adventure as everyone learned how to ice climb
and extreme kayak. Yes, extreme kayak.

In the morning everyone from Podorange went to an ice shelf just behind
Wordie House and tried on crampons and tested the ice axes. After some
practice everyone went up the icy slope. That was just the start. During
this time everyone from Spirit went kayaking

After that was the zodiac ride through the ice bergs and at one point a
group of us stepped on a berg which was pretty awesome.

Lunch had finished and another group set out kayaking in the picturesque
weather. As soon as we had found a berg most people dragged their kayaks
up the berg and rode in the half pipe, but that was just the kiddie
slope as 100m away was a steep icy slope which everyone successfully
slid down, except me...and nick...
During the extreme kayaking we also spotted 20 crab-eater seals,1 Weddell
seal and a leopard seal.

So that's another great day gone by.Like I said,nothing less of

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