Pole to Pole Run with Icetrek - South Pole leg

Jan 04

Dispatch #9

Published at 05:15
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Started with a mini blizzard but pat needs the experience for the plateau, and did well. 70km, 2am.

  • Accumulated distance: 335 km
  • Distance to go: 816 km
  • Name: CAMP5
  • Elevation: 977 m
  • Latitude: 82° 317South
  • Longitude: 79° 2910West


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    2012-01-05 09:23:22 Paul Brenner says: Go Ming GO!
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    2012-01-05 00:18:47 George Szwender says: Way to go Pat, Eric and Team. Eric I assume you are alongside on skis!!! Cheers, CANDU

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