Pole to Pole Run with Icetrek - South Pole leg

Jan 02

Third day

Published at 04:42
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Another 70 km today but pat got in at 1.30am. Crikey. I hope he misses the alarm tomorrow!

  • Accumulated distance: 195 km
  • Distance to go: 956 km
  • Name: Camp 3
  • Elevation: 717 m
  • Latitude: 81° 1626South
  • Longitude: 79° 523West


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    2012-01-03 02:06:51 Bill Bean Quest Water Solution says: Well done Pat. We are keeping a close eye on your progress as we are in Australia, Canada, Angola, USA and hoping the weather holds for you on your journey. All the best for 2012.
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    2012-01-02 23:42:11 Carl and Nic at smitten says: Happy New Year Guys. Awesome effort Pat, 70Km's !!!!! Keep going mate.
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    2012-01-02 21:36:34 Trish Tacchi says: Happy New Year Team - your journey is on the minds of many as 2012 begins and knowing Pat is now heading for the final stage of this Great Run. We are staying with you and following every step. Stay safe, Trish Tacchi
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    2012-01-02 20:46:16 Paul Hillbrick says: Pat, Get in the small chainring. Regards Paul Hillbrick
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    2012-01-02 08:33:23 Jose says: Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope all of you are fine. Go, go Pat!! Cheers Eric! :)

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