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Apr 05

Dispatch #4

Published at 10:06
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Today we fly north, finally. The sleds are packed and sit outside in the cold where the food is nicely frozen. Other sleds surround ours, teams that are also heading north to ski the last degree to the North Pole. Clark and three of our media team fly to Barneo at around 4pm today, Pat, Jose, Nick from Quail TV and I will fly around midnight. There we collect 50 litres of stove fuel and continue by chopper to the North Pole where this polar adventure, and Pat's massive odyssey to the South Pole, begins. Between the North Pole and Canada lies 780km of shifting, grinding ice and our task is to move safely and efficiently over it. As the guide, one of my tasks is to move as harmoniously as we can - a happy team is a functional team. But, like all adventuring teams, we are a group of strong-willed blokes with varying tasks, agendas and cadences and how we relate is part of the story we hope to capture.

Right now, Clark is helping Pat program his GPS, Jose is chilling and we're all listening to my friend Miroslav sing Czech folk songs. The hangar is buzzing with Russians anxious to begin work at Barneo. Soon we will be skiing south, but to ski south we must first fly north, one of the ironies of this trip.

It's time to weigh the sleds, I'm hoping for around 80kg per person and together with 50 litres of fuel we collect at Barneo, we will be sub-100kg per person, very manageable.

Next despatch, from the North Pole. Eric

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  • Distance to go: 792 km


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