Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

Mai 11

Greenland sky

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Another blistering morning but with a perfect surface that gave our sleds good glide. We picked our way easily through more quarries of ice pressure with most of the lakes frozen hard from the -7c night.

The clouds today were amongst the most beautiful I've seen with waves of scallops and feathers waxing and waning as we plied our course below. As we ate lunch a large cloud bank drifted in from the west and obliterated our pretty sky, but provided relief from the baking sun. The clouds over the icecap reflected white while the cloud over the coastal mountains reflected steel grey. We use the same water-sky reflection to look for open water on the Arctic Ocean when it's overcast.

We are now camped at 942m elevation having gained 230m over 15km of travel, in 7 hours of skiing. With the fast snow surface all bodes well for days of 20+km up on the plateau. Jade doing really well and confident she can do the required 8 hours daily to cover the distance.


  • Name: Camp 3
  • Höhe: 942 m
  • Breitengrad: 67° 745North
  • Längengrad: 49° 3238West


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