Svalbard Ski Expedition 2017

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I write this from a little hut on the shore of Tempelfjorden, with a belly full of dinner, hot chocolate and vodka, surrounded by great company.

Tonight's blog is written by my hut mates, with whom I've shared such challenging and fun times.


After a windy night both inside and out the tent, we rose to our tent chores- brushing away the frost, boiling water for flasks for the day, all the while taking in the view of the sun rising across the shining icy mountains .(Justine)

Setting off at 10 sharp was cold as usual but movement soon warmed us up as we started the 6k pull towards the small hut, thankful that we'd decided not to "push on" that far the night before. Lorenz - the remaining member of the Swiss team and now adopted by the Commonwealth team - and I put the world to rights (Brexit, Geert Wilders etc) as we trudged towards the frozen horizon and lunch. (Dean)

The rolling frozen slopes and snowy Arctic mountains on the horizon which surround the valley which has been home this week and to which we have become accustomed, quickly changed as Tempelfjorden came into view. A brooding grey and icey sea of frozen waves stretched ahead as the hut came into view - close to the waters edge and our shelter for the night. It felt as though we might be stumbling across a relic- similar to Scott's hut - and certainly a change from our red domes of home of the last 5 nights. A tiny wooden emergency shelter, with just space enough for 5 to sit, gather warmth and sleep, with antlers and rusty wood cutting tools adorning the walls - my idea of heaven and certainly a 'room with a view' - perched on the edge of the frozen Arctic Ocean.

We are crammed in to the tiny cabin, 2 stoves have been roaring all evening and although Eric has a welcome night off from polar bear trip wire duties, we hope not to be woken by a furry knock at the cabin door. (Vicks)

Lorenz is already happily snoring ......

Pics of ski team, approaching Fredheim and view over Tempelfjorden

  • Name: Camp 6
  • Höhe: 15 m
  • Breitengrad: 78° 2113North
  • Längengrad: 16° 5534East


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    2017-03-23 06:54:27 says: Greetings van Holland in spring. I enjoy reading your comments guys. Have a good time. Xxx
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    2017-03-23 06:07:39 Manu says: Back in Brussels. All the best for you teal. Manu
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    2017-03-22 22:16:24 Swiss Family Nicholson says: Can someone else please write the report tomorrow. Sister's writing is somewhat questionable.
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    2017-03-22 21:08:37 Joan says: I enjoyed reading your comments Justine, Dean and Vicks. Thank you for putting the world to rights from the frozen horizon. Greetings from sunny South Australia. (Ex Tasmania)

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