North Pole Exped

Apr 22


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Dreamt I could fly and then dreamt telling someone that I dreamed I could fly!

Both wind and sun visited overnight, leaving our camp buried in glistening drifts. Petter's tent and sled needed digging out.

A sheer cloud slowly enveloped the sun and our breaks became progressively more uncomfortable, each of them tucked behind a sorry ridge that never quite blocked the wind.

Our indomitable Norwegian cameraman Petter had some laughs as he filmed Paul clamber across a lead of frozen rubble on skis, falling incessantly on a particularly stubborn section that wouldn't liberate his sled. But Paul's a good sport and arrived at the far side with a smile on his dial.

The afternoon saw us outflank a huge compression zone, managing to cross both leads and ridges without too many difficulties.

14.7km for the day, 28.4 to go.

Our two visitors are still with us - a southerly wind buffets our tents as sun shines on the door.


Pics of Petter and his tent.
  • Name: Day 9
  • Höhe: 1 m
  • Breitengrad: 89° 4444North
  • Längengrad: 158° 5619East


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    2016-04-22 22:51:37 Peter Hameister(Papa Boz) says: Hi Eric, another good day. That is definitely Paul, you could put a brick wall and he would bang it down with his head before he would give in. Stay focused. Peter Hameister

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