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Apr 16

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Today we crossed a region of chaotic ice with no order to the ridges, blocks and pans. It was a challenge to navigate and it brought both smiles to our faces and curses to our lips.

In the morning the temperature hovered around -10c but the afternoon brought a cold spell and the mercury dropped 8c in an hour. Together with a steady light breeze it made our stops uncomfortably brief.

I'm now in my new Hilleberg 2-person tent by myself. Typically on a pole trip the tent size should be double the number of people, so Jade and Paul are in a 4-person tent. It allows freedom to spread out and more importantly to set up the stove inside, a standard technique amongst polar travellers though one that requires extreme caution. Our tents are the longed for relief after a day in the freezer.

We have 99km between us and the North Pole. We hope to cover this in 8 days or so and if our pace and the conditions remain constant we should achieve that. Let's see what gives!

  • Name: Day 4
  • Höhe: 1 m
  • Breitengrad: 89° 647North
  • Längengrad: 134° 5831East


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    2016-04-16 21:01:05 Joan says: I am enjoying your journey from my warm bed at home. But I'm sure you are comfortable in your two man tent after a day slogging through that terrain.

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