North Pole Exped

Apr 15

steady as she goes

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Clear and sunny as we skied across relatively easy terrain. All of the warnings from pilots about huge pressure zones and swathes of open water have so far proved unfounded.

Jade was in the lead for a few sessions today, breaking trail through the 5cm of fresh snow that fell overnight. Temperature is back down to -22c.

A huge pressure ridge provided some fun as we triple-hauled our sleds up and over giant ice blocks. But the strain proved a bit much for Paul and he struggled through the afternoon in pain. An operation to remove a kidney stone the day of his departure from Melbourne is not ideal prep for a polar expedition!

Another 12km today. We are on track, but the Arctic can be a princess one day and a monster the next. We await the transformation.

  • Name: Day 3
  • Höhe: 1 m
  • Breitengrad: 89° 039North
  • Längengrad: 130° 3519East


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    2016-04-15 23:56:28 jojo says: oh...may the remaining days be princesses so you can all have a happy ending!! XXX
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    2016-04-15 19:12:35 Clelia says: I wish really all the best to you and to other partecipants! Ciao!!!

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