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Apr 12

We fly tonight!

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A technical flight has landed at the ice runway and is on it’s way back and we are scheduled to fly at 11.30 tonight on the first passenger flight. At Barneo Ice Camp we will collect stove fuel and be briefed by the base manager on daily sked times then I suspect we’ll fly direct to out start point where we will camp and sleep a little.

At this late juncture we will likely need to modify out start location but Audun and I will make that call that based on the ice conditions we see from the helicopter when we fly south with our respective teams. Reports from both helicopter pilots and from ice analysts are not favourable.

But, for now, we are happy to be out of this town and heading to the northernmost parts of our wonderful planet. Back to my home away from home.



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    2016-04-12 21:32:57 Heath says: Have an awesome trip Eric. Good luck to everyone. Say hi to Petter. May the drift be with you!
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    2016-04-12 21:20:36 Carl says: Have a great trip Eric
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    2016-04-12 20:38:40 Ingrid says: That'sgreat!!! Good luck and lets go into the beautiful white,wild World!!!!!!
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    2016-04-12 20:17:54 adam says: AWESOME! super happy you lot are away and headed into the drift :-)

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