North Pole Exped

Apr 11

flying tomorrow

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I have given up holding onto any slice of information I am given up here! Yesterday we were told 7 days to first flight and now it seems as though we may leave tomorrow.

A nearby location has proven to be highly suitable for a runway with only 30cm of snow depth to clear. However to get the tractors to the new floe they first had to build a bridge over an open lead, which of course they did! Hey, they’re Russians, they could mend the most broken of hearts! Clearing of the snow progressed quickly and a technical flight will leave in the morning with Icetrek teams on the first passenger flight around 10 hours later.

FYI, here’s the Barneo Facebook page from which we glean much of our info.

The pic is of Barneo’s drift course over the last two weeks and it’s current position at around 54E and 89.13N.



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    2016-04-12 10:50:45 Tom Smit says: Good luck Eric, I hope you guys have a great trip!
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    2016-04-11 21:57:49 adam says: Go the Russians and good luck!

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