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Apr 05

Runway broken again

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Unfortunately the Barneo runway has cracked again and is unserviceable. The guys up there are now using the helicopters to scout for a new location for the camp and runway. We know this Russian team well, they are masters at solving problems and always find a solution.

So we are delayed here in Longyearbyen for at least 3 days, perhaps a week. Frustrating for all involved but one of the things we love most about the Arctic Ocean is its unpredictability.

I'll post updates as things unfold.



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    2016-04-06 05:14:04 christoph höbenreich says: if anyone can solve it, the russian poljiarnikis of the expedition center can do it! enjoy your time in lyr and keep spirits high.
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    2016-04-05 21:57:58 adam says: oh no! more steak and training! I know how frustrating that sort of thing is mate but i am sure moral will remain high with you there. Then you'll all have the fun of a late and (hopefully not too) chaotic rush ha!

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