Icetrek North Pole Odyssey Plus 2010

abr 14

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The Aussie team is gathered in
Longyearbyen and ready to do battle with the Arctic Ocean. I had
dinner with Don, Tim and Jon tonight and it was an evening of both
merriment and tales of derring-do. Tim is a fellow Antarctican having
wintered at Casey Station in the early 80's and has some great stories
from the Great White South. Don is a jovial sort and will be great
company on the trail, while Jon's humour will keep us entertained in
our communal tent each evening. I'm excited to be heading to the North
Pole, with these men and hope that, unlike my first trip a week ago,
the ice and weather will play ball. We to Barneo on the morning of the
16th.The pictures are taken outside Kroa restaurant in the evening
chill of Longyearbyen. More tomorrow. Eric
  • Nombre: Longyearbyen
  • Elevación: +10 m
  • Latitud: 78° 1318Norte
  • Longitud: 15° 381Este


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