Jade's Quest Greenland Crossing

may 30

let it snow

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We didn't receive any visitors overnight nor expected to. Our clatter fence was intact despite strong wind throughout the night.

A cool northerly breeze and heavy cloud kept the heat at bay and made for a fast surface, giving us speeds of 3.5km per hour.

Noodle o'clock never comes around soon enough but when it does we devour like madmen. Lunch consists of 40g of Brie cheese, 50g of Spanish salami, ramen noodles with either pesto or chilli mix, some nuts and dried fruit and a couple of squares of chocolate. I'm pretty frugal with my daytime eating because I love to keep eating after dinner so I save a bunch of food. Pringles go down well too.

During the afternoon sessions a whiteout engulfed us making navigation interesting then snow started falling for the last two hours turning our surroundings into a snowdome. Beautiful.

We covered a respectable 24.8km.


Pics of the clutter fence, my downward view, Paul taking a quick break and Jade hauling through fresh snow.
  • Nombre: Camp 22
  • Elevación: 1940 m
  • Latitud: 66° 33Norte
  • Longitud: 41° 112Oeste


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    2017-05-31 20:08:41 Eden Maxwell dijo: No one on a diet on this vigorous expedition.
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    2017-05-31 00:23:14 John dijo: Eric, still tracking you every day and wishing you ongoing luck and keep safe. Looks like fantastic progress despite challenging conditions...I have a glass of Chardonnay to your collective health every day! John
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    2017-05-30 23:40:58 big sis dijo: so food is the reward after a hard days slog....sounds quite delicious and i am almost tempted to come along next time!! XXX

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