New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

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What I'm wearing

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Thought I'd give an overview of what I'm wearing during the day on a -20°C windy day. From head to toe on my body while skiing:

Icetrek Sabine Hat, made for Icetrek by Satila of Sweden
Julbo Aerospace goggles. These have not fogged/iced once, they are superb for up here.
Icetrek Guru neoprene facemask
Smitten merino thermal top
Mont Adventure Equipment fleece jacket
Mont shell jacket with wolf/wolverine ruff
Mont underwear
Smitten merino thermal pants
Mont fleece pants
Mont shell pants
OR merino liner mitts
Icetrek Kelvin polar mitts, by Satila
Lum-Tec Combat B watch
SealSkinz socks
Baffin Endurance boots
Flexi Oversize Ski Bindings
Madshus Epoch skis
Climbing skins
Icetrek Atlas sled harness

Below all that is one shoddy body!

-20°C today, mostly overcast and windy. Skied another 22km.


Pic of our camp tonight, 176km from the pole.

  • Nombre: Camp 24
  • Elevación: 2931 m
  • Latitud: 88° 2526Sur
  • Longitud: 127° 5620Oeste


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    2016-12-31 18:17:08 John Kolm dijo: Eric, thought you might want to know what I'm wearing right now. Red split crotch panties, pushup bra, heels, lace suspender belt. Try to picture it as vividly as you can. John :-)
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    2016-12-31 14:13:01 Keith Sauls dijo: Incredible equipment list for future reference. Glad those fan goggles held up so far.
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    2016-12-31 09:16:26 dijo: Hi boys, impressie what you Encounter edith wear. Here for us we have only 4 pieces and that is by 24 degrees C we also Wish you a succesful trip in 2017. Yours sincerely xxx
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    2016-12-31 08:57:07 Anthony H dijo: Hey Eric, such an incredible journey to follow, I'm taking notes :) ...wishing you an awesomely happy new year to come and amazing adventure for the distance ahead.

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