New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 28

superb weather

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The last couple of days have been superb with not a cloud to blemish the sky and hardly a breath of wind to ruffle our ruffs.

We ski four sessions daily - 2.5 hours, 2, 2 and 2. With good surface conditions for the first two we skied at 3kph but hit another sastrugi field which slowed us down to a grind. We're now camped amongst the demons.

I have a theory about the sastrugi. To the west of us lies Titan Dome which rises to above 3000m (I crossed it in 1998). Given we are currently at the height of the South Pole and climbing, we're likely on its eastern flank. With the circumpolar wind flowing east to west i am thinking it deflects to the north of the dome hence all of the sastrugi during our ascent over the flank. If my theory is correct the sastrugi will diminish as we continue south.

In the final session parhelia encircled the sun, the first we've seen. This atmospheric phenomenon gives the Antarctic plateau an additional magical twist.


Photos of our lunch break, shadows of our team, including the penguin mascot on Keith's bike, and the parhelia.
  • Nombre: Camp 21
  • Elevación: 2852 m
  • Latitud: 87° 4951Sur
  • Longitud: 127° 2648Oeste


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    2016-12-28 22:41:01 jojo dijo: love following your adventure!! XX
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    2016-12-28 12:47:44 pablo besser dijo: well done. following your expedition. nice to see exploring at top level. just coming back from patagonian ice cap. your bindings works great.

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