New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 27


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My damaged sled is holding up well. But it will need regular maintenance to prevent the cracks from worsening. It has a crack from half way along the hull to the top of the bow, stitched up with pink spectra cord. I've also stitched a strip of plastic butchered from the front bulkhead over the cracked section making contact with the snow so that I retain a semblance of glide. I've dubbed my sled Frankie! But my fingers have paid the price, a little cold damaged from working outside on the dexterous job.

Our last remaining 'ruggedised' solar panel sustained some damage in the sastrugi but Keith managed to wire it together again and it's working, for now. Twenty years ago I was using simple panels that would never have broken under these circumstances. So much stuff is now over-engineered and unnecessarily complicated.

20km in 9 hours but our final session was relatively good, a harbinger of abating sastrugi we hope.


Pics of Rob's icy face and Keith working on the panel

  • Nombre: Camp 20
  • Elevación: 2815 m
  • Latitud: 87° 3815Sur
  • Longitud: 126° 5358Oeste


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    2016-12-27 18:31:23 Ciara Doyle dijo: Just getting a chance now for the first time since our return from UG, to catch up on your adventures. Fantastic to hear you are now over half way and that you did manage to find a Santa hat to get in the Christmas spirit! Hope your sled is holding up. AMAZING PHOTOS, keep them coming!!
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    2016-12-27 10:50:16 Colin hood dijo: Come on Eric you can do it. Like you wasn't happy seeing the 44 gallons drums. Shouldn't be there. Enjoy the cool as hot here in the Victorian Alps.
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    2016-12-27 09:51:16 Ken and Jack dijo: Mate, just wishing you guys all the very best, adapting and over coming, it's truely inspirational!! Good luck, we're are on your side back here. Jack and Ken
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    2016-12-27 08:38:38 Yvette dijo: Amazing! Tuffley fixing something electronic?? hahaha! Bravo Tuffley!

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