New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 24


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We've been low on power the last three days with heavy cloud over us. We have only one solar panel between us so we share it throughout the day to power our devices.

Today we covered 20km in difficult sastrugi. It's not particularly big but its relentless, the most expansive sastrugi I've seen and all running perpendicular to our route.

Today the hull of my sled cracked open like a Kinder Surprise. It's a lightweight sled I used for the North Pole in April and it must have sustained some micro damage that I didn't detect resulting in a metre long crack extending back from the bow. I just spent 2 hours trying to patch it up, we'll see how it holds up. Looks very Frankinsteinesque.


Pic of Keith at a lunch break a couple I days ago.

  • Nombre: Camp 17
  • Elevación: 2530 m
  • Latitud: 87° 422Sur
  • Longitud: 126° 4440Oeste


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    2016-12-25 08:42:17 Caroline Gill dijo: Merry Christmas Eric. Your trip sounds wonderful but I think I'll stick to our 36 degrees in the pool today!! Look forward to catching up with the gang when you return, Caro x
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    2016-12-25 06:54:08 Barney dijo: Merry Christmas team!!! Keep up the heat. Hope the weather breaks soon
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    2016-12-25 03:25:42 Carolina- Rob Swan Climate For dijo: Merry Christmas Erik, Rob and Keith. I hope the sun will shine soon and the Frankensled will hold up. C
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    2016-12-25 00:41:23 jojo dijo: so you,re sled was not what is was cracked up to be!! merry xmas and may the wind be on your well as up your back!! love you XXX
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    2016-12-24 22:23:32 Geoff Murray dijo: Hey Eric, Merry Christmas down there from Tassie. 33° here today :)
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    2016-12-24 14:02:31 Keith Sauls IAE 80degrees Sout dijo: Eric, Merry Christmas and congrats on the progress. It appears from reports that our group could still be on the ice if we had not gotten out when we did 10days ago. Ps. Not to rub it in but my gift to myself was just placed. About $500 of Goal Zero products for when weight is not an issue :)
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    2016-12-24 07:56:32 Janno dijo: Happy christmas to all of you and keep warm and safe xxxlove j

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