New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 11

katabatic winds

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For the first 3 days we had katabatic winds in the morning which petered out around midday. They are like clockwork, formed by the temperature and altitude differential between the plateau above and the shelf below which, together with gravity, pulls the air down from above. Once it warms a little with the sun a bit higher in the north they switch off. They've been relatively light but can be very powerful.

The wind we had today was more than katabatic, it was an all-day bitter blast from the southeast that gave us a sample of the cold we'll experience up top.

20km but over a laborious 8 hours as we gained almost 200m elevation. Once we hit the glacier we should be able to cover more ground. Tomorrow we pass our first nunatak, a peak emerging from the ice.

All happy, eating Pringles and wishing for vodka.


Photo of camp and a sunscreen snotty mo selfie

  • Nombre: Camp 4
  • Elevación: 606 m
  • Latitud: 85° 2350Sur
  • Longitud: 137° 1523Oeste


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    2016-12-11 17:02:44 B dijo: please ask rob to mail this address next time he can.
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    2016-12-11 16:21:28 Adies dijo: Very glad we are not there! Tell rob I'm mailing every day.
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    2016-12-11 10:01:35 Jose Naranjo dijo: Good progress to be the first days of the expedition. Good luck!
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    2016-12-11 08:29:41 Michael Archer dijo: Wish I was there

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