New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 08

first day

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Our first day and we blitzed 15km in 4.5 hours of skiing. The surface is hard and fast with small sastrugi and the sky couldn't be clearer.

Keith decided to bring his fat bike and, much to my dismay, he is riding at double our pace towing his 90kg sled. I don't think he'll fare so well up the glacier or on the plateau but so far it's impressive.

It's so warm that we cooked dinner outside and are lounging around on our chairs. Won't be having any of that up high!

  • Nombre: Camp 1
  • Elevación: 278 m
  • Latitud: 85° 525Sur
  • Longitud: 142° 480Oeste


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    2016-12-09 08:52:43 Jose Naranjo dijo: Good start! Go for it mates!!
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    2016-12-09 01:54:30 Tim dijo: Looks like a great holiday location. Would love to see some pics of that fat bike in action. Tim
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    2016-12-08 19:51:41 Adie family dijo: Where are the Penguins? Lena and Alba want one each please. Looks stunning. Great to see the photos. Make hay...................
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    2016-12-08 19:31:45 george dijo: Lookiin good....kites?? cheers,George
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    2016-12-08 11:01:17 Tom Smit dijo: No palm trees there?
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    2016-12-08 09:31:20 James dijo: Good start guys. Enjoy the journey.

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