New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

dic 05

at Union Glacier

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We have arrived at Union Glacier after a 4.5 hour flight. Weather here is beautiful and we are doing our final prep outside. ALE's Union Glacier Camp has grown since I was last here in 2012, very professionally operated and in a superb location surrounded by spectacular mountains.

We flew south with Robert Swan and his team of renewable energy specialists from around the world, their aim being to learn as much as they can before setting out next year on a South Pole expedition using renewable energy to fuel their stoves and power devices. This we partly do through solar panels but renewable energy stoves would be a great expression of potential.

Rob was the first person to walk to both poles and was one of the greatest influences and inspirations on my early adventuring career. I read both of his books in the 90's but it was a surprise and honour when Rob presented me a signed copy of his book in Punta Arenas. Forever grateful and wish he and his team the best of results.

We hope to fly to the Ross Ice Shelf tomorrow morning.



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    2016-12-05 19:50:33 Karen dijo: Sounds wonderful! Rob is a legend and I am glad you caught up! Go well!
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    2016-12-05 19:10:38 Jose Naranjo dijo: Hi Eric I am glad you made Union Glacier. I read also the Robert Swan's book and it is very inspiring. The superbest!

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