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mar 20

Ready to go.

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Out expedition begins tomorrow. We'll head out with my friend and fellow polar guide Audun Tholfsen by snowmobile to the east coast to see if we can spot some polar bear. We then go to Svea coal mining town to pick up a researcher then head back towards town.

Mardi and I will be dropped off at the southern end of Sabine land where we'll camp the night then begin the next morning.

Pic of mountains over Longyearbyen. Hoping to see the northern lights while here, conditions are good for it.

  • Nombre: In longyearbyen
  • Elevación: 18 m
  • Latitud: 78° 1339Norte
  • Longitud: 15° 388Este


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    2016-03-21 16:14:16 George dijo: Sweet! Enjoy the experience with Mardi....All the best, George
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    2016-03-21 09:04:11 José & Peter Netherlands dijo: Hi Eric! Great to hear your on adventure once more! Enjoy and safe journey, you are almost in Europe now so pay us a visit in NL, Spring is in the air! greetings from us! José & Pe(t)er
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    2016-03-21 02:47:18 Wayne D dijo: Please look after yourself Mr President....The North Pole beckons!. Have a great time with Mardi and the local wildlife.
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    2016-03-21 00:48:05 Fred dijo: Great you doing something with Mardi, have fun you both ;)
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    2016-03-21 00:33:39 John Kolm dijo: Polar Bear jokes.
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    2016-03-20 23:57:09 The Phillips Mob (with other o dijo: Have a great trip Mardi and Eric. Remember to bring me back a snowdome. Tim
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    2016-03-20 23:51:46 jojo dijo: awwww...i, am sooo excited and soooo looking forward to following your to you both and keep warm and don,t forget to wash behind your ears!! XXX big sis XX
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    2016-03-20 22:02:23 Lyndy and Heinz dijo: Hi Eric. Great you are at our "home away from home". We would love to be with you. Tomorrow we fly South to ST.John into warm weather. All the best. Love.
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    2016-03-20 21:53:14 joan dijo: mountains over longyearbyen, beautiful shot. looking forward to seeing some of the northern lights.
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    2016-03-20 21:05:52 Keith Tuffley dijo: CAN'T WAIT TO GET THERE ON SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!

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